"The most cost effective Title 31 compliance training available!"
Title 31 Testing, LLC has been providing Casino Training, Testing, Consultation and Risk Assessments for the gaming industry since 2008! Our training programs have been used across the United States, in Commercial Gaming, as well as in Indian Country. We provide lost-cost online testing and training modules to accommodate casinos of all sizes that allow trainers to train the entire team for less than $5,000!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do we have to sign a contract?
No.  We no longer require a contract.  Once we receive payment, your training program will be completed and sent to you.  However, discounts may be available on a contract for custom training programs.

Do you offer other training programs?
Yes!  Contact us for more information on our flexible online training programs.

Are there ongoing maintenance costs?
No!  Once you purchase one of our programs, you own it, with unlimited use!

Do we have to make any other investments to use your program?
No!  If you have an existing PC that is connected to the Internet, you're all set!

Can we design some of the questions and practice scenarios?
Absolutely!  We encourage you to have significant input in the creation of the training.

Are you currently licensed in my state?
Possibly.  However, we do maintain a file to quickly complete all licensing applications if we are not currently licensed in your jurisdiction, and it is required.

How can I sample your progam?
Easy, click on either of the following link to see a sample of our program
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Title 31 Testing, LLC
*Including services related to Know Your Customer.